This site is offered for your viewing in order to show you the construction of some very beautiful Cherry
and bookmatched Striated Fir cabinet doors with 5-piece Cherry and Fir drawer fronts.

sorry the counters are so cluttered ...... but these pictures were taken during installation

Here are the stem wall panels
Here are more of the stem wall panels
Here are the third side of the stem wall panels
Upper glass door cabinets and built-in wine cooler below

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The island with built in trash pullout
the beautiful bookmatched panels
the tall doors are the pull-out pantry cabinets
the Sub-Zero refrigerator with bookmatched Striated Fir panels

most of the lower cabinets have roll-out contained shelves
here is the "country" style sink cabinet
the drawer fronts are 5-piece Fir and Cherry
the built-in wine cooler below

we added 3/8" glass shelves after this picture was taken

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Here is how these cabinets were constructed

Here the door styles and rails are cut oversize and left to "settle down" and stabilize

Hear are the door pieces and Cherry drawer fronts
Here are a few of the Striated Fir Panels before they are resawn

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Here each panel has been sized an then resawn
Larger panels are first glued up and them resawn
Here is a "bookmatch" of the resawn panels
The panels are the joined and glued together in this i-beam form


Here are more panels after they are resawn
The panels "relax" and settle down before glue up

Panels ..... and panels ...... glued up for many hours

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Here are the drawer drawer planks coming out of the planer
Then they are doweled
They will then be glued together
And then the planks are glued up


The drawer planks are sanded and are ready to be sized

Here are bookmatched panels, out of clamps ready to be sanded
Since the wood has so much "challenging" figure in the grain, they need to be sized in a dimensional sander.

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Here are the panels ready to be machined after sanding with the dimensional sander
Here the rabbit is being cut in each panel
Then each panel is hand and machine sanded to a furniture quality surface
The panels "hang out" ready to be sealed

Here, each piece of rough Cherry lumber is jointed flat on on face
...... then surfaced to thickness
more panels are machined for the rabbit to go inside the door frame
after machine sanding each panel to a furniture finish, before sealing, we hand detail the edges

more bookmatch panels are "relaxing" before they are glued together to make the panels for the "stem wall"
Click Here to view several panels that have sealed and will be used for the doors and panels in this kitchen ...... they are amazing
finished panels "hang out" on cushions of foam waiting to be sprayed with a catalyzed vinyl sanding sealer and then catalyzed varnish

Click Here to view the completed and very beautiful Stem wall 2 piece presentation panels

here the panels, which are sealed, just hang out waiting to be placed into their frame
Here are some of the pieces for the Cherry door frames
Each door frame piece is sized and the marked for doweling
The the pieces are then bored for dowels before shaping

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here are the door frame parts ...... bored and shaped ..... ready for glue up
Each panel, which has been sealed with vinyl sanding sealer, must be sanded smooth before placing them into the door frames
The Cherry door frame parts are then shaped on the shapers
The Cherry door frame parts are "coped" to fit into the female shaped groove

Ahhhhh ...... the first door is "dry" fitted to verify all the preceding steps ...... perfect fit !!
and.... here are the machined pieces for the kitchen stem wall of panels
Here is the 1st panel glued up !!
A good days work !! These doors~panels will cure overnight.
These doors are seen here with their backs up

Here are more panels and doors in clamps
Here are the pantry pullout bookmatched panels
Here are some more sealed panels ready to install in their frames
Here are a stack of doors ... ready to finish sand

More doors and panels in clamps
A pair of doors for under the sink
the refrigerator door panel .... hot !!

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