Here is the history of a beautiful Cherry Country Kitchen
It will have Cherry drawer fronts and raised panel doors

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Here is the sink cabinet nearing completion

and the stove bank of cabinets ready for sealing

here is one view of the island cabinet

and another view of the island cabinet

The insides are sealed with a very durable catalyzed lacquer

A the exposed Cherry is oiled with 3-4 coats of oil
The casework is ready for backs, drawers and fronts

Here is a view of the island with the Cherry towel rack

The figured Cherry is of exception character and quality

This end will have Cherry end panels

Here is the Cherry border for the Island top

All of the dovetailed solid Cherry drawers have self closing undermount hardware

The pullouts are also solid Cherry that are dovetailed

here is the 1st of many steps to add a custom detail to the plank drawers fronts

after a slight chamfer it is hand sanded

a special 1/2 round piece was made to help and protect while gluing the molding onto the plank fronts

first ....... the molding is mitered and hen the ends are glued first

then allowed to cure
hen the top and bottom art cut to fit and then glued on with several clamps (no nails!)

the finished product is ready to be sealed by our varnish oil (4 coats)

Here are several of the completed molded plank fronts, ready for the final sanding before oil

Here is a finished sample of the plank drawer front being oiled

Here are all the plank drawers with the molding added

The doors are final sanded ..... on all edges ...

.... and sanded on all molded edges .....

the the faces are finish sanded

here are all the doors and 5-piece drawer fronts finish sanded

and ... finally ... the pieces are oiled with their 1st of 4 coats of varnish oil

here they will cure for 3-4 days

and we begin the touch up sanding of the plank fronts
hand sanded too !!