The cabinets will soon be installed in an Artists Studio in The Sea Ranch
They are made of VG Douglas Fir frames and Striated Fir Panels
The Casework is hardwood 9-ply with VG Fir edging

The doors are Striated Fir
It is laid out in a Random Pattern
This is the CPU and printer cabinet
... a close up of the doors

2 filing drawers and regular doors .... notice the vertical layout of the drawer fronts
Here is a close-up of the 5 piece drawer fronts
Here is a matching set of drawers
This is one of two sets of upper cabinets ..... notice the asymmetry of the panel layout

We played with the panel grain direction
Here is another lower cabinet with narrow drawers for supplies

This is how these cabinets were constructed for the Art Studio

The rough wood for the styles and rails
It is first jointed then planed
Then cut to size
.. and coped on a shaper
...... and then the molded edge is added to the rails

Each piece is hand cut, fitted, and shaped
Here is the wood set out for
the Tansu style panels
the pieces are kept flat and clamped together
Here are all the panels laid out

The panels are pressed in my vacuum press
Here are some of the panels ... out of the press
.... here are the rest of the panels .... relaxing before I cut them to size
Here I am machining the rabbit

The each panel is hand sanded
and the styles and rails are "just hanging out" ready for assembly
..... but first .... I put a sealing coat of varnish on the panels
here the panels are sprayed on a turntable

some of the doors are glued up and left 2 days to cure
here are the shaped pieces for the doors
all of the panels have been sealed and scrubbed
more door pieces

another batch glued up
here are some of the doors out of clamps
the corners are hand detailed
and finish sanded before spraying with conversion varnish

The ends are hand finished
here is a set of the 3 upper doors
such beautiful wood
The inside of the cabinet door panels are vertical Douglas Fir
Here the doors cure between coats of conversion varnish

More doors and drawer fronts curing between coats
Each door is "scrubbed" before the final coat of satin conversion varnish
Here are 2 of the 5 Bamboo counter tops after a coat of conversion varnish

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