Here are three pieces of furniture that are currently under construction.
They are designed in the simple style of the Shaker and made of Eastern Cherry with a natural oil finish.

This piece is called the Viewing Room
Here is the Chest of Drawers
This is a free standing hanging closet






All of the Cherry casework is edged with solid Cherry
Here the Cherry edging is being trimmed to flush
Some of the casework is laminated together.
Bob is using doubled casework for stability and substance
all of the door panels have been resawn and bookmatched to the panel in the adjacent door

Each door frame piece is joined straight on face

..... then surfaced to thickness, then re-stacked on edge to settle down and stabilize
here the pullout butcher-block style shelf is assembled
it is glued up in 2 halves and will then be joined to the full 25" wide.

After the panels are resawn they are allowed to "settle down" and stabilize before further machining
Then the panels are surface sanded ..... still oversize ...... but much smoother !!
They are then allowed to "relax" again before being cut to size and rebated
Here are some of the drawer fronts ..... oversize .... allowed to stabilize before machining and sanding

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Some of the wider drawer fronts at bookmatched and glued back together ..... here are 2 sets of drawer fronts
Here are all the pieces of the door frames. They were cut out of sequential lumber, left in a rough state which is oversize, and allow to "settle down" and stabilize before further machining
Here some of the case work has just come out of clamps and is edged with Cherry
More casework ready for assembly

Here .... the 2 halves of the "cutting board" pullout shelf are being sanded to an absolute flat surface
They are then glued together and re-sanded
After settling down the pieces are re-straightened on the joiner
The surfaced to final thickness ....... ready to be machined

The wide panels are sawing into a bookmatch then glued together
Then all panels are surface sanded, rather then planing, to avoid chipping and tearing out of the grain
The Cherry panels are cut to size
and then they are rebated on all four sides

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Here are all of the bookmatched panels after they have been rebated
Then they are flat sanded before the final hand sanding
and the door frames are cut to size and laid out for matching grains
They are then marked for dowels

and then bored for dowels before machining
Each of the panels are hand sanded
The panels are then oiled and sealed with one coat of varnish oil to protect them before gluing them up in the frames
half of the beautiful Cherry panels

more panels
The excess oil is wiped off and the panels are allowed to cure

The styles and rails are cut for the dado groove

The ends are coped with the 1/2" tennon
The the pieces are assembled using exterior glue which is more durable the common "carpenters glue"
The pre-oiled panels are then placed into the groove and are allowed to float within the frame
The doors are clamped up and also clamped for flatness, and the allowed to cure for 48 hrs

The first batch of doors are assembled
The second batch of doors and panels are clamped and allowed to cure, while remaining flat.
Here is the third and last batch of doors

Coming out of clamps ...... everything is hand scraped and made flush

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Then I surface sand them to maintain flatness and they will then be hand sanded after fitting
All of my my doors are made slightly oversize, so that I can trim for a perfect fit and very square
Here are all of the doors cut to size, ready to bore for the hinges and then fit into the cabinets next week !! ..... long process
All of the plank style drawer fronts are also trimmed for hand fitting to an exact size

These Shaker style cabinet doors will have the luxury of modern euro style hinges and under mount drawer slides
If the Shakers were still making furniture they would be practical enough to use this hardware
drilling for the hinge
the solid Cherry pullout shelf is notched for a comfortable finger pull

a lil' hand sanding to round the edges
the cabinet is joined with "biscuits". Here is the slot for the pullout shelf.
The viewing room cabinet is assembled
all of the face frames are solid Cherry and backed with more Cherry to increase the rigidity

The doors were taken to Bobs shop for their final fitting
Each piece is hand fitted and the set in place
Here is Bob putting in the final pullout
........ as if by magic
here are the Cherry fronts being fitted to the Cherry Chest of Drawers

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the last one is fitted ....... and then they are all removed and taken back to my shop to be finish sanded and oiled
here is the Viewing Room cabinet with its' end panel and pullout Cherry shelf
Here is the pullout blanket chest
Here is the hanging closet
Here is the hanging closet with the doors being fitted

Here is the top cabinet for the Chest of Drawers
Here is the Chest of Drawers ...... notice the beautiful book-matching on the cabinet sides
all of the crown molding has to be hand sanded
The doors and drawers are taken off the cabinets ....... sanded again
..... and then hand sanded

...... and then the finish sanding to
220 grit
then I can sign it

The first of four coats of oil is sprayed on
....look at how beautiful the bookmatched panels are

here is the pullout Cherry shelf and the end panels from the Viewing Room cabinets
Here are the bookmatched plank drawer fronts
The doors "cure" for 72 hrs between coats
Here is the pullout shelf .... hanging out !
Some of the Cherry knobs had to be altered to be able to accept longer screws

Here is he tall door, which has bookmatched panels with the other 4 doors of the hanging closet
The final coat soaks into the bookmatched drawer fronts
The last coat is applied to both sides of every door, end panel, and drawer fronts
The pieces have to be wiped down every hour, or so, for the next half day while the finish begins to set up
Here some of the pieces that will cure for at least 4 days before they can be handled and reinstalled on the completed casework

......... just hanging around !
The pullout Cherry cutting board shelf just glows with warmth and a soft patina
the Cherry knobs have been soaked in my varnish oil for at least 2hrs, four different times

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